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The “New Economy Movement” a Sign of Hope.

By Sister Brenda Walsh, Racine Dominican


Recently, I learned about “The New Economy Movement” from one of its Founders, Gar Alperovitz. Mr. Alperovitz is author of “America Beyond Capitalism” and several other books. He is political economist and President of the Democracy Collaborative. Currently he and his colleagues are continuing to develop and share information on the “New Economy Movement.” He has served as legislative director in the US house of Representative and in the US Senate.


The movement is spreading rapidly across the land. It involves many innovative thinkers that create bold experiments to develop a model that is based on economic justice, care for the earth and environment, sustainability and concern for all people, especially those living on the margins of life. The hope is to get people beyond the “business as usual” model and to create and implement one that will involve people of all ages, color, class, culture and creed to move the endeavor forward.


What are the elements of the “New Economy Movement”?

  1. One goal is to create solar-powered businesses that are ecologically sound and sustainable. These are already being developed and the demand is growing.


  1. Another trend is democratized ownership of the economy. This is demonstrated in the development of state-owned banks that are concerned about the majority of the people and not just beneficial for a few. They are banks that are responsive to community needs.


  1. Cooperatives are developing also and are very much part of the new movement,

especially those that emphasize citizen participation, sustainability  and green concerns 


  1. Many social enterprises are being developed, following the same guidelines,

to reach out to the impoverished and to empower people for life and work.


The movement is making much progress but there is still much to be done by way of educating, training, and working to change current practices at many different levels.

It faces daunting challenges in the implementation of the New Economy Movement.

It challenges the American economic and political system dominated by large banking and corporate interests.


The movement also encourages growth reduction in order to eliminate the dangers of climate change. This makes the challenges immediate and long-term.


To gather more information about the New Economy Movement go to or


Mailing  address is

Democracy Collaborative

6930 Carroll Ave, Suite 4l4

Takoma Park, MD 20912


(Printed with permission of Gar Alperovicz)



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