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Ordered Time



Each week Dennis Keller is posting General Intercessions for the upcoming Sunday liturgies.  He is a lay Dominican from the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina.  He also provides weekly input for our feature Volume II.

General Intercessions for:

Thirteenth Sunday of Ordered Time


June 30, 2024


Presider: God did not make death. Nor does God rejoice in the destruction of anything living. May we seek the light of the Creator’s justice, of Revelation in the Word, and the Grace and energy that comes through the Spirit of God.


Deacon/ Lector/ Cantor: Please respond: “Lord, hear our prayer.”


1.That the wisdom of the Scriptures provide grace to Pope Francis, Bishop _______, all clergy and religious, and laity to respect and cherish human life, we pray


2. That corporations balance the need for profits with the common good, we pray


3. That governments and politicians forego corruption and partisanship, we pray


4. That diversity in faith traditions, in race, in national origins, and cultures be welcomed as sources of understanding and strength, we pray


5. That poverty, violence, abuse of children, elders, and immigrants be rooted out by persons committed to the dignity and worth of each person, we pray


6. That the presence of God in the uniqueness of every person be recognized, celebrated, and encouraged to flourish according to God’s justice, we pray


7. That resources for physical and mental health, for adequate food and shelter, and access to education be available to us, we pray


8. Let us pause for a moment to place our personal needs and concerns on the altar  (pause). Let us give thanks for our joys and achievements, we pray


Presider: Father in heaven, before the resurrection of your Son death was a threat and seemed a descent into a place of darkness and oblivion. Our Brother conquered death, by his willing acceptance of death. In his Resurrection we know that death is not the end story for humanity. Grant Father that our faith in Jesus’ work increase our faith, lift us up in hope, and encourage us to charity and love of creation. We ask this in the name of your Son who lives with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, forever!


Response: Amen.


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  "Blessings on your preaching."

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