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Each week Dennis Keller is posting General Intercessions for the upcoming Sunday liturgies.  He is a lay Dominican from the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina.  He also provides weekly input for our feature Volume II.

General Intercessions

for the

Eleventh Sunday of Ordered Time

June 16, 2024


Presider:  O Lord, hear my voice, for I have called to you, be my help. Do not abandon or forsake me, O God, my savior. Hear us as we pray.


Deacon/ Lector/ Cantor: Please respond: “Lord, hear our prayer.”


1. That Pope Francis, Bishop _______, and the faithful practicing their vocations sow seeds of peace, kindness, and compassion, we pray


2. That the seeds of war rot in time’s soil and the earth be fertile with food, health care, education, shelter, and clothing especially for the poor, we pray


3. That diplomats and national leaders work toward disarmament and peace, we pray


4. That all persons grow the Kingdom of God by working for the common good of their nation and all nations, we pray


5. That disciples of the Lord practice patience and trust in the Spirit in their efforts to grow the Kingdom of God, we pray


6. That members of the church will flush out hatred in their hearts, replace vengeance with reconciliation, avoid vicious competition. May our hearts discover the goodness, dignity and worth of all persons encountered, we pray


7. May the compassion, mercy, and loving kindness of the Lord be sought in all encounters. May we rejoice and understand all creation as expressions of God’s magnificence, we pray

8. Let us pause to consciously offer our joys, achievements, positive relationships, and problems, stresses, sufferings, and pains offertory gifts to be consecrated along with work achieved financial offerings, (pause)… we pray


Presider: We, your daughters and sons, offer these prayers to you our merciful, and compassionate Father. We thank you for your Son ministry. We welcome and embrace the Spirit sent by you and the Son. We pray this in the name of that Son who lives and rules with you in the Unity of the Spirit.

Response: Amen.


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  "Blessings on your preaching."

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