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Did you know that the date on which we just celebrated carnival was determined by the moon?


Jesus' Jewish Passover feast was celebrated during the week of the first full moon of spring, and so we continue to remember and celebrate the events of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday that same week.


Between March 19th and 21st, the amount of our sunshine is approximately 12 hours long - when the sun is actually crossing the equator - then the first day of spring is celebrated on the 21st of March, and the amount of sunshine continues to increase until the first day of summer.


So...with the date of Easter determined by the first full moon of spring, the days of Lent are subtracted to give us the date of carnival and Ash Wednesday.


Food for thought; but maybe a little fasting won't hurt these coming days.


Written by:  Sr. Joel:  a Dominican Sister of Peace who lives in Springfield, KY.  She is a native of New Orleans  and has been a teacher, school and parish administrator, social worker, religious educator, and missionary.  She has written "Breath of Ecology" for local newspapers and has published a book under the same title.

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