29th Sunday

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29th SUNDAY (A) October 22, 2017

Isaiah 45: 4-6; Psalm 96; I Thessalonians 1: 1-5b; Matthew 22: 15-21

by Jude Siciliano, OP

From today’s Isaiah reading:

God says to God’s anointed, Cyrus...

"I have called you by name,

Giving you a title, though you knew me not."


Isaiah provides us with insight: God even uses non-believing humans to accomplish God’s will. We see God’s hand working through the gifts of others, "anointed" to do good. It is obvious that our God’s good actions are not restricted to a church building, or to any one faith community. God works outside the box too.

So we ask ourselves:

  • From our Baptism we have been anointed.
  • To whom and where am I anointed by God to serve?
  • Do I see the hand of God in those doing good who have no explicit faith?


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